Final Coat Agricultural Product Applications

Final Coat Corrosion, Exterior, Interior and Windshield protection products are available for agriculture applications - protects your equipment - making it look newer and last longer!

Final Coat Corrosion Control Module

Installed Product Corrosion Protection

Fight rust with electromagnetic technology! The Final Coat Corrosion Protection Module is patented and scientifically proven technology that significantly reduces the rate of corrosion and oxidization on metal. Install a Final Coat Corrosion Module and prolong the look and longevity of your equipment.

  • Reduces the rate of corrosion on sheet metal panels
  • Alternative to under-oiling, protects where oil doesn't reach

Final Coat FCX

Installed Product Exterior Paint Protection

Final Coat Exterior (FCX) is a polymer compound that bonds at the molecular level to the paint and plastics on the body of your machine. FCX has incredible UV protection, prevents discolouration and has hydrophobic properties (water/dirt shedding ability) that make it easier to clean – making your machine look newer longer!

  • Protects against the effects of UV Rays, bird droppings, mud/dirt/dust, road tar, soot/exhaust and more.
  • Creates a smooth, frictionless surface that resists adhesion.
  • Seals in that new look, makes your machine easier to clean and eliminates the need for waxing.

Interior Protection

Installed Product Interior Protection

Final Coat Interior – Ultimate protection for your interior! Final Coat Interior (FCI) is provides industrial strength protection against food and beverage spills, dirt, oil and grease. Part of the Final Coat family of products, Final Coat Interior and Final Coat Leather & Vinyl Protector bonds to carpet, seats and interior surfaces creating a polymer shield protecting these surfaces, making them easier to clean as it works to shed the contaminants instead of absorbing them.

Final Coat Interior products are formulated at professional/industrial strength and aren’t water based – so they are higher quality than products available over-the-counter at auto care retailers, and will resist breaking down – lasting longer.

Final Coat Windshield+ (FCW)

Installed Product Windshield Protection

Improve visibility in poor conditions with Final Coat Windshield+!Final Coat Windshield+ (FCW) is a similar product to FCX, formulated specifically for glass. FCW significantly improves vision during rain/snow and greatly reduces adhesion of dirt, mud or other contaminants.