Protects Against The Effects Of:

  • UV Rays
  • Bird Droppings
  • Road Tar
  • Acid Rain
  • Industrial Fallout
  • Disoloration
  • Excessive Oxidation
  • Loss of Gloss or Fading
  • FCX

    Installed Product Exterior Paint Protection

    Final Coat X (FCX) Exterior Paint Protection is an eco-friendly and VOC-free product specifically formulated to bond directly to your vehicle’s clear-coat finish. FCX provides a lasting protective barrier and creates a smooth, easy to clean surface that resists adhesion.

    Professionally installed by trained technicians to help keep your vehicle looking showroom new.


    Installed Product Professional Ceramic Coating

    Protection your vehicle was designed for, so give it what it wants.

    Final Coat CERAMX is a low VOC ceramic nano paint coating that helps maintain your vehicle’s paint and resists contamination.
    CeramX is designed to create a hydrophobic surface that repels water on contact.

    Acid Rain Paint Sealant

    Installed Product Exterior Paint Protection

    Before protecting your paint finish, why not make it glow? Our Final Coat Acid Rain Paint Sealant brightens and shines your vehicle’s exterior paint, making the paint on even new cars look more vibrant.

    But it doesn't stop there. Our paint sealant also protects your vehicle from oxidization, loss of gloss and fading. And there's no need to wax your car... ever.

    How To Maintain Your Paint Finish

    To maintain your paint finish, simply wash and dry your car as required using a car wash soap. Do not use detergents or dish washing liquids, as these are high in alkaline and will damage your finish.

    If you want to wax your car, use an automotive wax that does not contain compounds or grit which may damage your Final Coat finish. We cannot recommend specific brands or types of waxes, as we are not sure of their individual chemical makeup. Some waxes include compounds that remove the top layer of oxidized clear coat – this will remove your Final Coat sealant.