Eco-friendly solutions for today's corrosion issue.

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Advanced paint protection available for today's vehicles.

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Protection for life's little accidental rips, tears, burns and more.

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Significantly improves vision during

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The Best Appearance Protection Products Available. Period.®

For more than 35 years we have provided our customers with quality auto surface protection products. Our entire product line has been rigorously tested and proven effective, giving us complete confidence to offer unparalleled warranty coverage.

In the fight against rust, we are proud to fund state-of-the-art research into electromagnetic surface protection – an innovation that is dramatically reducing the environmental impact of auto protection. Keep enjoying your vehicle’s showroom good looks and ensure its resale value with the best appearance protection products. Period.
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Corrosion Protection

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Exterior Protection

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Interior Protection

Some Facts

# 1

Electromagnetic corrosion technology sold in Canada


Protection on both sides of the galvanized sheet metal


Patents in Canada, US, EU, Australia, Hong Kong and more


5 Independent third party testing labs

Science Meets Appearance Protection

At Final Coat, our dedication to quality is what sets us apart from the rest. Our products and services incorporate the latest technology and are backed by unparalleled warranty coverage.

Our Science Explained (VIDEO)

We draw from our latest findings when developing and improving our technology. Learn more about the science behind our products.

Research and Testing

Our technology is verified through third party and government testing.

Video Lab Tour

Watch videos that take you on a tour around our highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art corrosion labs.